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Larry's Branching Out Tree Service specializes in tree trimming and pruning in the Coral Springs, Sunrise and Plantation, FL area. Many homeowners in the Coral Springs, Florida area don't realize how strict the county's tree maintenance codes are. We can help you avoid costly fines by trimming and pruning your trees regularly. Trimming trees involves removing unsightly, dead or diseased tree limbs, whereas pruning is done to shape your trees. Trimming and pruning your trees will improve their appearance and encourage proper growth.

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Check out the benefits of trimming your trees

Check out the benefits of trimming your trees

Larry's Branching Out Tree Service can take care of your tree trimming work in Coral Springs, Sunrise, Plantation, FL or surrounding areas. Trimming your trees can improve the appearance of your yard and:

  • Keep broad and weak tree branches from developing
  • Increase your trees' sun exposure and air circulation
  • Help newly planted trees grow into the proper shape
  • Stop the spread of tree disease

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